SA76 doesn't work on a stereo bus?

I’m demoing this plugin. I noticed last night that it doesn’t work on a stereo bus in Cakewalk by Bandlab. Works great on a mono track.

I realize the 1176 is a mono unit, but should this plugin be working on a stereo bus, as a stereo plugin?

It should be yes - which binary are you using ? (Vst /vst3 / component )

Hi Bryan. I’m using the VST3.

FYI…I dug into this problem over the weekend. I had inserted the plugin onto a bus that was part of a template. I failed to notice that had the the ON/OFF switch on that effects bin in the OFF position. :rofl:

Carry on…it’s working as intended.


Thanks for your reply & update on this :+1:

All good then ! Happy to read it’s working :sunglasses: