Hi guys ,i’m proud to be one of you cause this community allow me in short time to develop my mixing level , today I want to present you my last track and have you opinions critics so you are welcome to my univers which is based essentially on chord progression and
SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
hope you enjoy and impatient to read from you!!

Hey it seems you havent set up the link correctly

really cool man, I liked the vocal sample worked well with the feel of the melody
Synths are all
Did feel it lost energy when the drums finally came
None the less good song but i’d check the energy thing :slight_smile:

No it is :slight_smile:

it is ok now?

Are you sure cause when i click on the link all i get is a page not found

42 view and no comment or feedback? hmm whats wrong with the sonic academy forums?

I think that the link has the this Forum’s address in it. Can you fix the link?

Soory guys this track was private sometimesbr
here is the link nowbr

Allow me to relaunch you cause dont have feedbacks from you