Sample Import

Hi all,

Loving the quality of the osc and FX on this synth.

I make big libraries for Kontakt/Kontakt Player and am looking to expand into another format for various reasons. Unfortunately, I can’t see any way to import multi samples to key ranges or am I missing something?

Best wishes

Hi there @Spacey

No, importing multi samples to key ranges is not possible, you can only import one sample per Sampler OSC as far as I know.

Such a shame and makes no sense, everything is there in this synth but stretching a sample over 5 octaves kind of kills it for me. If this was implemented in an update, just a simple ability to add say a sample every 3rd key would be enough.

You lose all the attack of samples when you go down pitch wise and you gain a whole load of aliasing when you go up, staring at my Akai S700 that does multi sampling from the 80’s :slight_smile:

The audio engine on this synth is really good as is the GUI/file structure. Multi sample import or just Soundfont import/Akai import would add so much to this.


Hey @Spacey watch this space!

I would really love for this feature. This would be a game changer.

Hey there @reidmich182

I can tell you that there’s very interesting things going on with development in this specific area :wink:

+1 on this topic…it would be very useful. I’m excited to hear there are things cooking.