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Hi all,

Loving the quality of the osc and FX on this synth.

I make big libraries for Kontakt/Kontakt Player and am looking to expand into another format for various reasons. Unfortunately, I can’t see any way to import multi samples to key ranges or am I missing something?

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Hi there @Spacey

No, importing multi samples to key ranges is not possible, you can only import one sample per Sampler OSC as far as I know.

Such a shame and makes no sense, everything is there in this synth but stretching a sample over 5 octaves kind of kills it for me. If this was implemented in an update, just a simple ability to add say a sample every 3rd key would be enough.

You lose all the attack of samples when you go down pitch wise and you gain a whole load of aliasing when you go up, staring at my Akai S700 that does multi sampling from the 80’s :slight_smile:

The audio engine on this synth is really good as is the GUI/file structure. Multi sample import or just Soundfont import/Akai import would add so much to this.


Hey @Spacey watch this space!

I would really love for this feature. This would be a game changer.

Hey there @reidmich182

I can tell you that there’s very interesting things going on with development in this specific area :wink:

+1 on this topic…it would be very useful. I’m excited to hear there are things cooking.


Just popping back on this 2019 request for multisample import :smile:

So I see it has been implemented…nice one. Before I go perusing through the manual, do you have any multi sample import formats enabled yet like say SF2 or Kontakt 5 or even Akai basic import. basically what’s the deal with:

1: Sample import ability

2: Saving of multi sample presets.

Cheers guys

Sam Spacey

Hi there Sam

1 - You can import regular audio files ( .wav & .aif ) to create your own Multisample Presets & Instruments.

2 - You can save Multisample Pacthes/Presets ( MSPr ) as well as Multisample Instruments ( SAMSC ).

You’ll find videos tutorials for ANA 2.5 on this page :wink:

That’s cool but when you are dragging over a 100 samples by hand per preset and having to match them to the right keys it gets very laborious.

Importing a multisample like .SF2 (Soundfont 2) means I can just drag 1 file across. It’s the real world difference between making a library for Kontakt or giving another format sample engine like Ana 2 a go.

With all the will in the world if it takes a large amount of work to just get the samples into the synth … more so than actually recording them then it makes it hard to get really into it.

I love Ana 2 and would love to develop for it but it has to make sense time wise for serious library work. SF2 import would be the best as many sample development applications use this as a conversion option.

Big fan of Ana 2 and would love to work with it as a developer, I’ll set up a feew patches this weekend and see how I get on :slight_smile:

How about this for a solution, I understand that implementing say SF2 standard of multisample file format might be a pain to add to the actual synth…

But how about a small tool for developers that allows you to load in a SF2 file and then resave it as an MSPr file. That would really get the ball rolling and enter Ana 2 into a genuine Kontake competitor?


The mighty Moss is a wizard when it comes to stuff like that.
He created and is constantly working on ConvertWithMoss which pretty much already is something you seem to have in mind. Of course there’s no MSPr support, but i.e. SF2 import already is.

Moss himself is surely very busy with this project, as a ton of folks are begging for support of specific formats. But you seem to have some coding skills, and from what I can see (with only basic knowledge) the MSPr isn’t an overly complicated format. The project is open source on github and Moss recently said to somebody: “Since you have some coding skills, I totally welcome contributions to this project.”.
So likely he would appreciate contributors, and he’s also a very nice and helpful guy.
There’s a dedicated ConvertWithMoss thread on KVR

PS: though I don’t think turning ANA into a genuine Kontakt competitor is a realistic goal :wink:

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Hi, nice post, that’s actually really useful. I will get the devs to check out the GitHub and see if we could get something working.


Awesome Phil, that would be great if the Dev’s could work something out with Moss.

deepsapace, my programming skills are terrible… I can get a decent library and interface programmed up in Kontakt but that’s about as far as my skills go in that department. Convert with Moss is a great programme that I have used recently. This does look like a good solution and maybe the Devs could get involved as Phil suggested.

Thank you all for taking time to reply

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Damn that’s bad to hear. I was hoping you’d be programming like an AI robot and implement MSPr support into ConvertWithMoss within two days :rofl: :wink:

But jokes aside, in principle the tool is already there.
To me it seems the MSPr format is more or less like an XML file, and some of the export formats of CWM are looking somewhat similar in its’ structure, like the latest addition of the 1010 Multisamples (“.xml” format) or let’s say DecentSampler presets (“.dspreset”). So in theory it might “only” be a question of modifying existing output formats to turn it into a .MSPr output format for ANA Multisamples.
But I’m not knowledgeable enough to really judge that, there might be things “under the hood” I’m not aware of.

That’s great to hear, hopefully it’s possible to get something going.
I believe this would be a wonderful boost for the Multisample feature in ANA. Image you could choose from a zillion existing Multisample libraries and turn it into a ready-to-use Multisample patch for ANA within minutes :astonished:
Or create an entirely new one from a bunch of .wav files in two minutes, just by using ConvertWithMoss.

The tool is there, free and open source. You guys could even use it as foundation, fork it, strip it down to what’s relevant for ANA and make a dedicated ANA tool out of it. Just saying.

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Any update for this?

I guess not, shame as this engine has promise. But doesn’t seem like the Devs are that interested.

It’s not that we aren’t interested. We have limited resources. Currently the devs are working on finalizing a new product. Once that sorted we will look at some more ANA 2 stuff.

It’s just hard for them to switch back and forth between projects. We just prefer getting one thing going at at time.

I hear you …but Feb 24 I got my hopes up as you said “Hi, nice post, that’s actually really useful. I will get the devs to check out the GitHub and see if we could get something working.”

So I was hoping to see some movement on this.

I gave a little nudge and nothing… left it a while and still nothing.

Surely it’s in your companies interest to have 3rd parties develop libraries for Ana 2 as the product is much stronger with a good library? It’s got to be worth the few hrs it would take to put together a quick conversion script or something outside of Ana 2 that can import something like SFZ format. That’s all that would be needed as manually dragging across hundreds and hundreds of samples is not worth the RSI in the wrist.

Many very advanced for their time gaming console’s died because no-one could be bothered to convert their games to that format as it was just too much of a pain. Ana 2 has everything for 3rd part developers accept ease of access to mapping samples. Just a quick conversion utility where you load up a multisample in SFZ format and it spits out a format that Ana2 can load would be of great use, not asking for it to be built into Ana 2.

…sound of tumble weed rolling down the hill.