Sample Packs?

Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on good sample packs to buy.

I’m aiming to produce in the genre of fidget/electro house, and I’d love to get a series of good drum loops and samples, as well as some cool sounds for rises and drops.

Also, are all sample packs royalty free? Or do they need to state that they are royalty free.

most are! but not all sample packs are royalty free.

Mutekki Media Ultimate Beat is my Fav At the Moment and has been for a while

Vengence! The pros use it… you can too!

Thanks guys I’ll definitely check those out. I heard vengeance was great. What do you guys think about the sample packs on loopmasters, ive heard that deadmau5’s pack is pretty good?

The Vengeance onces are great for all the one shot stuff. I would stay away from using their loops unmanipulated. I can honestly say that I posses the majority of them, and you can tell instantly when you hear one of those samples in a track. All samples are royalty free if you manipulate them in the right way FYI! Find out what the laws in your country are. I know in the US, you’re allowed to use up to but not exceeding 3 seconds of ANY sample. After 3 seconds though, they own your ***. This is why every single American Hip Hop song you hear is nothing but a remake of an old song, but if you listen closely, the beat ever so slightly changes every few seconds makin it legal(or it could change a lot)… So, the workaround here in the states is, make sure that none of your copyrighted samples have more than 3 seconds of the original sample in it. I might be off on the 3 seconds, but I know its 3 or 4 seconds in the US.



I currently cant find anything to back up my statement so we’ll call it BS for now. I know for a fact though, albeit a while now, that I have had this conversation several times with artists of all walks… What I’m reading basically says that in these days and times, any sampling will call legal attention to you, but nothing that says what the boundaries are to at what point you get in trouble…

^^^^^^^^^^ unless it’s royalty free of course