Sampled Dirty Electro House Tune [Download]

Hey guys, my friend recently asked me to do an instrumental remix of Sway by Michael Buble. So here it is, lemme know what you guys think, and the download is there if you like it :slight_smile:

Anyone? suggestions, feedback?

-Great smacky unique snare

-Would like the kick to hit harder throughout the song. Boost around 75hz?

-Ive never listened to the original song by Buble, but the piano melody sounds kinda off in the beggining. The saxophone is on point, but IMO the piano notes just seem a bit off.

-The buildup is good, but how about a little bass underneath that snare? Sounds kinda thin

-The drop is GREAT! Sounds really good! Love the one shot snare. Love the panning of metallic synth sound. Track really has my head bobbin.

-Not sure how I feel about the buble song at 2:15 :doze:. IMO, I think this song is better off without it.

-2:45 Plucks are great, no homo but cute and happy sounding. Howeveer, I think a nice long reverse reverb would greatly introduce them. IMO, a reverse reverb sounds fantastic when introducing a breakdown, especially with lower volume elements such as plucks

-Melody during break is great! Very euphoric. Puts a smile on my face in the early morning.

-4:30, again, =T with the buble. I think mixing in the breakdown synth and melody with the body of the song would be better.

Overall solid sounding mix! Good work!

Great feedback, you’re pretty smack on about everything. The buble part, im alright with, I had to use the sample. This track was supposed to be an instrumental that a vocalist was then going to record on the buble part. That was the criteria for the track, but the intro could use some better warping i suppose or repositioning. As for the kick, I had to compromise the clarity of the percussion, and the track in general to boost the RMS so that it compares with pro tracks that I dj with. I have to work more on mixing to get the clarity, but for now I think loudness when djing is more important, and on my system the kick hits hard enough. That being said, I’ll go back and boost my kick again, it is peaking at 60hz, perhaps your system doesnt sound good that low. Anyways, I should try to make it sound good on all systems, I’ll A/B some changes. Thanks again for the precise, informative feedback. :slight_smile:

No problem! I try to give helpful feedback, not just cool song bros. Im not the knowledgeable producer, but I am a very passionate music lover :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways I like your style a lot, sent you a follow on soundcloud. Theres some stuff I’m working on that I’d love to get your opinion on, and send anything my way for my opinion