Sampler Tutorial

What about doing some funky stuff with sampler, it has an FM osc, pitch stuff, a envelop section… I’ve never used it but something tells me it could be good lots of stuff, kick drums and snars are in mind?

I second that, would love to see some Sampler tutorials! Sorry for hijacking your post dude but noone has been able to answer my sampler question I posted a day or two ago. Its totally relevant! :stuck_out_tongue:

Calling all ableton heads! I been doing of sampling and saving multi-samples as instruments for later use. If I want to export em and use them on my works mac how do I go about it? When I drag the saved instrument onto my desktop it’s just a couple of K. It obviously doesn’t package the wavs with it. Anyway of making a nice neat packaged file that I could backup or move around from computer to computer?

You could collect and save a project with that Sapper patch in it and then save it on the other computer.

Cheers Phil, I suppose that is one way of doing it. I just noticed that in the Ableton Library there is an imported samples folder with each of the wavs in there, so I could back up this folder with the dragged out presets. Hopefully they will automatically redirect to the wavs when I copy them into my work mac’s ableton library folder!

Just wish there was a right click option on the preset to export it with the wavs!