Sampling and Stuff

Hey Crew,

Huge fan of sampling here but just have a concern (Logic User) :-

Mastered Kicks,Claps from other tracks - Is it better to drop the audio file directly on the daw or EXS24 sampler? Reason I ask is by dropping it into the sampler does it affect the quality of the mastered kick, claps or do i have to tweak it all over again…

You can do either or. It really depends on your track and how tricky it is. If you put it in the sampler, you could tune it. Personally, I just drop in the audio file. If I need to tune it a little bit, I use the tuning plugin for audio. Works for me.

Thanks Howie, and I guess it does not make a difference in which key the kick drums or hats, clap, snares etc play right?

[quote] (02/09/2010)[hr]Thanks Howie, and I guess it does not make a difference in which key the kick drums or hats, clap, snares etc play right?[/quote]

thats incorrect. It does matter, but you dont need to put it in a sampler to achieve what you are trying to do. I personally like working with audio better. But thats just me.

Howie is right in what he is saying Mate. Its that easy.

There is another side of it though, which I think is a little quicker & has more options - and you’ve already mentioned it yourself - The EXS24.

Not only can you Tune on it… But you can adjust the envelope on it too.

The Filter is great on it & you can do loads of mad routing stuff on it too if thats what you want. Its also got a sidechain input that can be sent to contol just about anything in a gating fashion.

To do the tuning in the EXS24… Use the “Tune” dial beside “Transpose”. Very fast.

Dont use Transpose.

Keep saying this - But I’ve got Voxengo Span on my master… Which is a free Spectrum Analyser.

[url]Free Spectrum Analyzer Plugin, FFT, Real-Time [VST, AU, AAX] - SPAN - Voxengo

Solo what you are working on…

Hover the Cursor over the Peak in Lo_Freq mode & you’ll see what the Frequency & Musical Note the Peak is. Its very accurate.

Tune away after that. :smiley:

Try both methods. See what works best for ya! Many ways to skin a Cat! :cool:

Do as ICN says. Use voxengo span. Its a great piece of kit.

When I use logic I always used ultrabeat for drum samples. It a bit complicated at first but good once you know what everything does

Honestly, I would suggest Ultrabeat as well. The fact that its dedicated for percussion sounds is a gimme. Check that first.

Thanks guys !! haha so convenient with mastered stuff just select transients, cut and paste

Duh! 127! Fair play.

Talk about using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Of course Ultrabeat is the easiest. You can also drag & drop the Midi from the UB seq to the Arrange, which is handy.

But the EXS is perfect for chopping up loops. If you have Logic 9 - select loop & convert to new sampler track. Cool for isolating hits / chopping out sh!t quick.

There you go Addy. A million ways to do the same thing… LOL :slight_smile:

ICN that spectrum analyzer is a treat !! Thanks man, yea I was only concerned about the audio quality distortion, if it was added on to exs24. I use ultrabeat now and then to create drum grooves and to gate sounds…That thing is a beast !! My main concern was to keep it in key and have the mastered sound.  

Cool Man… Well if you have any troubles or questions about UB, let us know.

Plenty of us use it & can give you a hand.

DL this setting that I made for mine. Its made all the velocities sensitive to what you put in. Each channel is on the Master ADSR & Its also completely blank, so its ready to go.


Save it in your UB with “Save as” & use it.

Haha man still have troubles changing the key of the kick !!!

Just something I do Mate…

I never change pitch on kicks.

Pick the bestest mostest fattest Kick that you have & change the bassline.

Leave the Kick alone… or replace it with one that is in Key. Span will help you do that.


Hey ICN, yea that makes sense. A kick that I sampled seems to be in B5 (according to the tuner). Ive noticed quite a few projects,that have the B5 kick and then the bassline in F#. Now a B falls in F# minor scale, so they are in harmony right ? or is it better of just doing it in the key of B

Hopefully i am not bugging you too much, I just dont want the track to be all over the place :slight_smile:

1 + 2 = 4

You seem to have a fair idea Man… Dont worry about it at all.

Analyse away… but at the end of the day, you have to make a choice or 2 eventually. Do it because they sound good. Thats when the Theory doesnt & shouldnt matter.

You’re doing the right thing, getting your hands dirty with the nitty gritty, but what do you think sounds cool right now?

I love analysing everything 'cos I want everything to be perfect - or more like to compensate for my imperfections. Go with your ears & heart :hehe:

Get your Nice Kick… Then make your bass. Job’s a good 'un.

You’ll be cool Mate! :cool:

Thanks Dude, Haha i am just so picky, I could spend 4 - 5 hours with a kickdrum. its nuts, quality vs quantity :slight_smile:

Haha! Cool… I’m the same Mate. Getting better at it though… slowly!

Sometimes I’m prone to relapse though! LOL

You know yourself… commit to something, see how it goes. You can always come back to it when you have 75% of your Track done.

Thats one of the reasons why so many of us have zillions of  8 - 16 bar loops on the HD :crying: