SAMPLING Q for Phil or Bryan

i noticed in many of your tutorials you use samples, what’s the best way to sample a vsti

would the best key to sample in ?

how long is a good sample time for bass samples as i’ve been told if i want to shift up and down the keyboard the sample needs to be a minimum length ?

the higher up the scale you go, then the longer the sample your going to need as it just speeds up the read time effectively.

but sampling can sound pretty crap outside of the sample note you’ve recorded, if you’re going to effectively sample a vsti you will want to look at multisampling, that is sampling every note on the keyboard, or sampling a note every octave.

why are you wanting to sample anyway?

if you think its a good idea based on our tutorials, we have only done it so that those of you without the VSTi can still play the sounds!

it was just a general question really? something i’ve always wondered about.

also i think it’s good to know as you maybe have other options available for processing a sample compared to a vst.

if you are interested in multisampling, the instrument rack in ableton would make this easy to accomplish!