Sampling w/ dirty dutch

I recently got a dirty dutch sample pack from loopmasters and have been messing around with the synth samples. I have a few questions:

First off, the synth samples come as 2 bar riffs. So what is the best way to use these? I mean, should I take individual notes from the riffs and put them into a simpler, or actually use parts of the riff (though I want to be original)?

Secondly, when i do take the sample riff and put it into a simpler, it will only play in time and pitch on the c3 note. If I move the midi note up or down to any other note, the timing and pitch are completely off (i.e. the tempo of the synth speeds up or slows down). Is there any way to fix this?

And lastly, have the synth riffs in these sample packs already been in released tracks? Bc I recognize lines from chuckie-let the bass kick and calvin harris - awooga.

I would have no prob using a full riff if it was exactly what i was look for.

Those artist have probably used this sample cd for their tunes.

Check steve angelo knas for most blatent use of a sample cd ever.

I actually know the pack your talking about and no they are completely royalty free and unreleased. What loopmasters did was make riffs that sound similair to big tunes to help sell sample packs.

Tbh id stay clear of the riffs I didnt think they were that good and its a bit limiting. Chck out a free synth called Asynth. It has two presets, Detuned MS 20 lead and Trance FX or something like that I cant remember. You can then mess around with the glide/portamento and add some reverb etc.

Another thing to check out is a sylenth1 preset bank called freak sound or something like that and fina

Ly check out the Oddity synth. There are two presets in their called distorted duo 1 and 2. That WAS the actuall synth and presets Chuckie used for Let the bass kick.

Awesome, thx guys. Do u know why I have that issue when i put the sample into a simpler? When I play the note on C3 using a simpler, it sounds fine. But if I play any note higher, the sound’s tempo has will speed up. And if I play any note lower, the tempo of the note will slow down. Which gives me shorter and longer sounding notes, respectively. Any idea why it does this?

the sample speeds up for the same reason a record speeds up and changes pitch when you adjust the pitch slider.

Thats where you are really limited with riff samples.