As we seem to be in the day and age where sampling is a big part of most tunes in the charts etc these days i thought i’d ask

Where do you guys find the best place to sample? do you trawl through youtube as i do? Do you have cds from back in the day, old vinyl etc etc

Share your sampling ideas, tips etc here.

From drum kits to full on track mashing

To be honest at the moment I seem to be spending more time making samples myself than making tracks.

Take a look at this from what I set up the other day so I could get some laser zap sounds!

since no longer having my vinyl with me i barely sample at all

sample from anywhere, i like vinyl samples partly because loads of tunes aint available on cd / mp3

my dads reggae collection is a goldmine, random things from charity shops - ive always loved the idea of it but never got anything useful

Boneidol thats sick mate haha nice way of sampling

yeh old vinyl is wicked i found a few marley things up in the loft i love stuff like that :smiley:

Yeah you can get some right mad sounds from a slinky to be fair, shame I couldn’t get the drum any higher as would of got some much sicker sounds!

Always good sampling random things :smiley: can’t wait to see what i get for xmas so i can sample some stuff haha