Sander Van Doorn 'Reach Out' Bass


Anyone have any idea as to how sander van doorn made the bass in his recent track ‘reach out’?

it seems to take a lot of space in the mix but doesn’t have a lot of weight? if that makes sense… i figured its sub bass with some tricks but cant get it the way he did.

Sander van Doorn - REACH OUT - Original Mix - - YouTube

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

its not the most detailed video. but sander van doorn tv on youtube has vids of his studio sessions. his new sessions show you briefly how he made reach out. take a peak :slight_smile:

I dont find them very clear and helpfull but maybe it will give you an in sight to what your looking for

It’s really hard to tell how some of these DJs layer their basses, especially when they aren’t as prominent in the mix. You might try this as an experiment and report back with your findings…

Depending upon your DAW, get a synth with a basic sine or filtered square wave that can glide in an either legato or continuous manner. For example, if you use ableton, get an “analog” working. Set a series of MIDI notes up and get them to glide from one to another in a wobbly fashion, but not too fast! Let the pitches cover a good 2-4 beats before reaching top or bottom.

Now, when you get a glide that sounds interesting, RESAMPLE it. Then, as an audio file, you can then take the slower glide and warp it to be a bit faster than you originally recorded it. You’ll get that quick glide without all the awkward areas that analog makes the glide do. Set it to loop at the half-note.

Next, do the same thing with a different glide pattern. When you get something that is interesting, set it against your original pattern, at a different place in your measure. Say, for example, you set the first one to the first beat. Set the second one to beat 2 and loop them both. Maybe one goes up and the other goes down. Assign some effects to each separately, and voila! You have a cool working rolling bass line that sits nicely in the mix that you can resample again and do even more things to it, like overdrive it in some areas, filter it in others, et cetera. Get the idea? Try it and let us know!



And by the way… he has a couple of ghost hits in the bass that aren’t heard as much as they are felt, if you know what I mean. When you get your rolling bass done, set a mid-tom transposed really low against it a few times during the measure and see if that gives it that “presence” you are seeking without being so heavy. And side chain it and your rolling bass to whatever kick you have going with a 50-75 ms attack and about 125-150 ms release and see if you like that