Sasha - Cut Me Down (Remix I'm working on for the competition.)

Sasha - Cut Me Down (My Remix) Not finished yet obviously by TankedMetal

So yeah I put this together last night. Not too happy with it. But I think I could do something really cool with it and I can’t figure it out. I wanted to try and fit this badass reese bass I made in it somehow but I ended up making like a progressive house song. Any advice or comments would be appreciated thanks for listening :slight_smile: It’s not done though.

Update: I worked on it some more and got this. Hit me up with some advice.

Sasha - Cut Me Down (My Remix) Progress #2 by TankedMetal

i’m really likin the vibe of this, and sasha is pretty much my favorite dj of all time. i like the gating on the pads. i kno you’re not done yet, but i think you should add some extra atmospheric sounds [maybe some really light white noises filtering up and down/fx samples] over the break. also after the break, bring in all the drums right away with hats and everything instead of just kick for another couple measures. just my 2cents, good work :slight_smile:

edit: and yea definitely add some sort of bassline and i think you will have somethin there!

The Bruce ****inson [Preview] by Maxy_

Yeah thanks man, I agree about the hi hats and snare coming in right after the break. But I tried a million different ways to get this reese bassline to come in like as a fast swirl and slow down and then get really heavy when the bass hits. I got close but it sounds weak and kinda dumb. But this is what I’m talking about. Can someone help me do this? 1:04

^^that sounds like two different basses on the falling part there.

i could be very wrong, but it sounds like the first half of the falling bass is a reese that pitches down at least 2 octaves with an automated eq on the bass that turns up the bass freqs towards the end.

the next half of the fall sounds like at least one sine wave with a down pitched envelope, probably 2 octaves also, to finish it off.

then it goes into the verses and chorus with a bunch of other basses.

don’t know how that would mesh with a sasha style track tbh.

The Bruce ****inson [Preview] by Maxy_

Thanks man I’ll try that. And yeah I know sasha and feed me wouldn’t sound too good together but I wanted my bass to fall like that, then get super heavy and carry everything and sound really gnarly.

Here’s what I’ve got after messing with it some more. I think it sounds better. But something is still missing :confused:

Sasha - Cut Me Down (My Remix) Progress #2 by TankedMetal

nice track man… the only thing i’d probably change is probably a softer snare sound or rimshot of some sort but other than that, i love the breakdown and panned voices… good work!