Sasha Soundlab

Not sure if this has been posted already, but it certainly caught my eye

Would like to hear what people think of it if they have used it, seems like it could be a bit gimmicky and just an attempt at cashing in on his fame…but i could be wrong?

I dont think its just a gimmick, i was listening and checking some of this stuff out and it seems pretty cool. Its always nice to get sample based stuff that you can still do a lot of tweaking to. I think it would actually be quite cool to get ya hands on stuff that Sasha has made but thats the main question. Is this stuff really all directly from Sashas studio made along side him or has he just licensed his name out to a third party company?

Who knows. Be warned though, my mate bought it over the weekend and it is VERY buggy. He cannot automate any of the parameters and keeps having lots of other issues

Saying that the support he’s been getting from the states has been very thorough and pretty much gets instant replies to his emails

Well, I’m just about to take the plunge and buy it. I’ll let you all know if it stacks up to my level of interest. The demo tracks on the site are pretty impressive.

Any good?



looks cool.

Hey guys

We thought you might be interested in this video from our friends at produced on how to use automation in Sasha Soundlab.

Native Instruments designed the automation in Konatkt in a way you might not be familiar with but once you know how its very easy indeed , check it out

Sasha Soundlab: Assigning Kontakt Knobs to Midi Controllers | Ableton Live - YouTube