Sausage Fattner

Hi There,

I just purchased the sausage fattner, and I have a question. I’m noticing as you boost fatness, it also increases volume quite a lot. When I actually do an A/B test with the volume level the same before and after, I’m not noticing it making a huge difference. I’ve been a bit cautious lately about plugins that boost volume as it gives you the impression it’s making a difference because it sounds louder. I know you have used it in a few tutorials so I’m just wondering what your thoughts on it were?



its really just a saturator with some sort of filtering.

Its very easy to over use it but can defo ad nice weight to drum groups and Bass.

Just an FYI, the consensus seems to be that its a saturator and limiter with a low pass filter (The ‘color’ nob) on the wet signal.

** ASIDE (sorta) **

If you ever want that extra level of customization you can set up that chain yourself, its fairly easy.

Phil sorta does this in the tech house tutorial I believe with overdrive on the drum bus, but it ends up sounding horrible because of the phase cancelling, so he ditches it for the sausage fattner. I’ve found that adding a 3 - 20 ms stereo delay (L / R) fixes the problem, while making things sound even fatter. Throw that on a send with a saturator / overdrive and a compressor and its a great way to dial up the ‘fatness’ on pretty much anything, drum buss, bass, synths, FX.

Awesome thanks for the info guys!! :slight_smile: