Save author in preset is missing

Saving the author in the preset is completely missing!
I hope it gets patched?

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You can’t directly use the “author” Tag when saving a preset → using the “save as” function, the only selectable Tags are “Genre” “SUB CATEGORY” and “USER TAGS”

  • However you can EDIT Tags afterwards and either add your Name as a new USER TAG and AUTHOR as well

  • Just select your already saved Preset and Click on the EDIT TAGS button → Users Tags is selected by default, if you Click on Users Tags you can switch to Author

  • Then Click on the + ( add sign ) button and enter your Name and Click OK your name will be added in the selected list ( Users Tags or Author )

  • You need to SELECT this new Tag before clicking the CLOSE EDIT button to validate the change for your Preset Edition.

  • Next Time you’ll save a Preset using the “Save as” function, you will be able to select your Name in the USER TAGS list, but you always need to EDIT TAGS to add your name as Author.

You can check this example video :

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Yes it seems a bit confusing. But you could really help me, thank you very much.

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