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Hi at all. I am new to ANA 2 and I want to design some presets in the future. Yesterday evening i stared to play arround with “ANA” and wanted to save th epatch I had made. ButI was not able to add “Author” and was also not able to choose to witch Bank I want to add it. Was only able to save it in the “User” Bank. And that also leaded me to the next “problem”, I did no tfind a merge bottom to just extract the bank as one file with all Wavetables and Sampels that i designed and added to ANA. Yes, i thin kthat last point can also be done by a workarround of copy and past it to folders, so that would not be sad at all (as long as that workarround is fully functional), but to add at least an Author name and chose the bank should not be a problem, so I think I am only to stupid to find it :D. I have also read the manual but was not able to find it in there. Also on Youtube I did not find it. Hope one of you guys can halp me out on that. Great Synth. Sorry for my bad english.

Hi there @KlausKleber

Simply put, no it’s not possible to specify an Author or Bank name upon saving your ANA 2 Presets from the Plugin GUI itself, that’s why you didn’t find any tutorial about this.

You could create a new Bank by adding a new folder at the root of the “Sound Presets/User” folder, you will need to have a preset inside this new folder in order for the Bank to show up in the Presets Browser.

→ so that will be …Presets/Sound Presets/User/My Bank/My Preset.SndPr

But even if you do this & have a new Bank showing up in the browser, it won’t be displayed as an option to save your Presets, the only option is the default User Bank.

As for the Author name, it’s also not an available option for tagging your Preset, the Author name is embedded into the Preset.SndPr file and you will need to edit it in order to add the new Author.

Other parts of ANA 2 patches like Wavetables, Arp, CMD & G-ENV Presets get saved inside their specific locations & files format too, so if you import your own samples into ANA 2 Sampler OSC, if you program some custom Arpeggios or chords with the CMD feature, all the necessary files will be saved in their specific locations & formats when you use the “Save As” option from ANA 2.

So if you plan to design presets for ANA 2 and want them to work fine & being tagged with new Bank, Author, Categories…etc you will need to have a good understanding of the files types & locations inside the ANA 2 Presets folder structure and that will require some post editing of those files.

So unfortunately there’s no easy way to achieve this, you’ll need to spend some time to understand what’s making a full ANA 2 Patch, which files & where they have to be stored.

So that could be a lot to take care about if you just want to save your own presets, using the default feature from the GUI is the best option then. The Presets Browser also allows you to edit “User Tags” ( you can add/delete your own User Tags from the Presets Browser".

Now if you plan to make ANA 2 Presets Packs for release then you will need to go through the above. Should you need more information about this, I suggest you to get in touch with @phil_johnston from S.A team.

And that said, when it comes to Presets Packs release, bear in mind that any Preset Design work requires you to start from the INIT patch, reverse engineering, copying/modifying existing presets is an infringement to author’s rights & EULA granted with ANA 2 ( but that’s the rule for any Soft-Synth anyway which anyone has to respect when doing sound design ).

Hope this could help to understand some basic about ANA 2 Patches & Presets structure, it might look cumbersome but many other soft-synths work in the same way, you’ ll need to learn & follow some files structure & data in order to implement them properly, there’s often some extra work that need to be done next to the sound design itself.

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Thanks for your Answer @Tekalight
As i diged deeper into it, i saw, that there is now easy way to set up all “external” parameters in ANA2. But it can be done and that is good. And yes, every Preset starts with the INIT-Preset in my workflow. And after i wrote this post here in the Forum I straight went back to “ANA” and tryed what i am always trying when I can not “edit” something. I try to open the Saved “Init Preset” with an Editor and looked up the parameters if I can find somethign about the “structure” of the preset and if I can edit it manualy in that file. And to the luck on the Top of that preset I found “Author” and was able to simply edit it. And now my INIT Preset is modifiyed and ready to go :smiley:
And i think also the file structure is not so hard to understand. In most cases you only have to load something in, delete it and see if that preset still work. If not, then you know you have to put it in a diffeent place. If you fount it out one time its not a problem anymore, but sometimes that takes time and so I am happy if developers just intefrate that “Bank to file” function. Back in the time it was easyer, cause you had no sample and wavetable import function in most VSTi´s and so you simply exported the file and that´s it. But like I said, its not that bad, that “ANA 2” does not have it. As long as you can work arround it, its not that difficult. And as long as the Consumer of a preset bank can also understand how to install presets manualy its not a big deal.
i saved your Email in my Mail, so I can come back to later if I decide to do maybe a preset pack for ANA 2, so I can talk to phil. Thank you very much for your educated answer. I realy like that! Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Happy to read that this could help :sunglasses:

Yep, that’s the all idea around it. Once you’ve got all the different elements making a full patch in the right places and also have done some editing work & verify that the presets are working & showing accordingly inside ANA 2’s browser, then you should be ready to create a preset pack with all the matching files & folders.

You don’t need to bother with the mail, I’ll get notifications from the forums for new post & updates, there’s also a Private Message function on the forums BTW, all topics are on public access ( reading only of course ) when you’re not using the PM feature :wink:

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