Scaler and Chord

I’m really impressed with the Scale and Chord capabilities of Ableton live but does anyone know of similar plugins that could achieve the same in Logic??

You can actually do this from within Logic itself without the need for a separate plugin (though you will have to do it from within the rather scary Environment window).

You can do it using the Chord Memorizer; map notes from your chosen scale to the chords within that scale.

It’s actually better than using chord/scale in Ableton, as the Ableton scale will just move the notes that are not part of the scale to the nearest note within the scale. This means that some of the chords it produces are not correct major/minor etc. triads but can be suspended 2nd and other weird things (cool, if that’s what you’re looking for but annoying if it’s not).

I think I’ve seen some YouTube videos about how to set it up (SFLogicNinja???) so it’s worth doing a search for it.

Better still would be a cool Tech Tip explaining just that :slight_smile:


some software like cubase have chorder. wich has pretty easy if u already know some chords . but if u are trying to experiment with chords and at the same time learn how it work i woul suggest to dowload , Chordspace PLaya.

and it is free . just google it 

hopefully that helps