Sean Donnelly - Ben

Thank you for listening. Feedback greatly appreciated! Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hi again Sean,

I was quite happy just taking a look at the waveform, but you never know, it still can be tricky, even if you know that the track is gonna have some dynamic range… So no other way but to listen, right ?

And the good new is that you are sitting quite right in the ball park this time :smile: So congrats for that first of all, it"s already some good work done for the levels & balance.

So the sky is blue under “Expose”, ( which is always nicer than stormy red zones ) , great :wink:

The arrangement is also interesting, the progression works for me, it makes a track by the end of it.

Maybe too much Lo-end filtering in the intro, it’s a nice thing to do but you could keep a bit more of the lo-end during this part, it will sound instantaneously more “serious & captivating” and bring tension.

Noticed some not so smooth transitions with some abrupt synths volume jump ( like at 1:10 ) , you can smooth those, you’ve got a very prominent click sound to the kick and some resonance to be careful with.

You did some hard panning 100% Right/Left, it could be more attractive with more movement and blending between R/L channels. You could also use more reverb, delays and spread the stereo image more, it could make the track sound fuller during some “climate” parts. When I switch to mono while listtening, you’re a 100% Mono. It’s a good point too, and you can use it to expand the stereo image with more confidence when it’s like that.

That’s about it for what I picked up during the listening, but I have now to pay attention to the details, which means that I’m very less concerned with big issues like levels & dynamics. I prefer to reach for the volume knob and get clarity than the opposite, so I was very happy with that.

Many improvments & progres here Sean, that’s good work done :thumbsup::sunglasses:

Cheers !

I was definitely more conservative when it came to the mixing here. I’ll use your advice to make the track sound fuller. Some subtle automation, reverb, delays and more precise panning will definitely improve this one I think.

Thanks for the listen and feedback. I appreciate it buddy! :slight_smile:

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