Sean Donnelly - The Hero

Thanks for listening. Let me know what you think:)

Hi there @squeak2199

This one is very surprising, a lot of creative elements in there, kind of like the blend between traditional & electronica music here. Now there are some issues in terms of mixing, the tracks level must be adjusted so that your different elements sit well together. That drum is really loud in volume comparing to the other elements, that low frequency pad/bass sound is also loud, on another hand your synths & fx are quite low in levels. You need to adjust this to get a more even mix by the end.

Also there’s a tempo/timing issue with the main kick, starting from 1:10 to 2:20 especially, the kick is too much off beat/sync with the rest of the track ( happening on the kick variations ).

And finally I’m curious what you did with that drum kick, did you put a reverb on it ? Is it something you recorded in next to the more electronic parts ? Same goes for this lo-end pad/bass BTW , but especially the kick, it sounds like a recorded Bodhràn and the bass sound almost like very low playing Uilleann Pipes. Really sounding like if it was recorded in next to the other elements, but that might be the volume & reverb issue as well.

Now that said, this is very creative again, and if you manage to get a more even & balanced mix to blend the traditional sound with the modern ones, it could be a very original kind of track.

Thanks for the in depth reply! Your feedback is always great:)

The kick drum is from Riemann Techno drums 4. Specifically it’s the techno loop4_06129BPM. Lots of great techno drums in this sample pack. I then put a saturator on it, bit crusher, two resonators and a flanger on it. It’s getting quite a bit of compression and limiting as well at the end. Do you want me to send you it? I’ve been experimenting a lot with resonators in my music lately. They bring a lot of feeling to different elements I think.

The bass is made up of three parts. One part is a sylenth with chorus, delays, 2 distortion pedals and multiband compression. The other part is a sample called ring modulator in Ableton Live Suite. I probably tweaked the fuck out of it but I can’t remember at this time when I’m looking over the project here. Lots of automation on the attack, release and volume, as well as the filters. It went through the MS2 filter. Fucking love that filter lol. Some eq so the bass is only really playing the mid range. Sidechain compression from the kick. Finally the third part is a sylenth. Automation on the filter cutoff. Overdrive. SC from Kick. Autofilter with automation.

About that kick issue from 1.10 to 2.20. That is intentionally. Another listener told me they didn’t like it either. I kind of do like it so I’m gonna stick with it. The track is definitely experimental haha.

Thanks for the very positive feedback:) Let me know if you ever need feedback on your own tracks!

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Hey there,

That explains the very unconventional results :slight_smile: you’re using a load of processing on your kick & instruments, was really thinking it was real instrument recording inside your Daw :wink:

Yes, definitely experimental but it’s a fun & good way to learn and enjoying making music, again just pay attention to levels and balancing your different tracks in the all mix. If it’s sounds good to you when you’re done with the mixing, it could be that you’re having some issue with the room and the way you perceive sounds. A good old way to check this is to listen your track on another device, in another room or in a car. Using a standard device like a Kitchen Radio with small speakers or even a mono speaker can help.

Thanks for the sample offer but I’m already covered with many ones & library, next to that most of the time you get an individual license & rights for using samples from packs & libraries, so you shouldn’t share them to stick with licensing policies :slight_smile:

Cheers & 'till next one :wink:

Til the next one!

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