Second track, Feedback appreciated

Hi all,

I learned so much since my last upload. Hope you guys can help me improve further.


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So here’s what I picked up in this one.

Mixing wise : You don’t need all that low end in this track, as soon as you introduce the sub with the kick it’s way too loud and you have a lot of unnecessary low end frequencies. For the kick itself, I would suggest to do the opposite in fact, use a kick with more mid range and put a bump on the high frequency part of the kick to help it cut through the mix.

The hats and the snare/rim-shot are very loud as well, and the snare//rim-shot sounds very mono and centered, too much in your face. Those should only give a sense of rhythm to the track, they are not key elements.

The pattern used with the close and open hats is a bit off and very linear, something more groovy could really change the overall feel of the mix rhythm.

Arrangement wise : not sure about the intro and the vocal part in the break down, it feels too much you’re adding things but doesn’t help the all mix to blend as a song, it’s kind of tricky for the brain at the minute.

Your could use vocals elements ( not especially a phrase or words ) but vocal shots washed in a reverb or use the reverse vocal trick in the intro. The synth in the intro feels very syncopated, you could tried to use a delay to bring more life to this sound.

To keep an eye on your Mix balance in terms of frequencies as well as levels, you can use the free Voxengo Span plugin ( if you don’t already use that one ).

This one is less cluttered and blurry than the first track ( though they are very different ones, but just mixing wise this one improves a lot IMO ). Keep it on ! There’s no secret, it comes with time and practice :wink:

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Thanks again for the feedback.

I’ll take this with me to my next practise.

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