Second track in ableton

hi guys ,just finished my second track in Ableton,its a remix of one of my favorite trance tunes ever .RE:LOCATE -WATERFALL, i’ve given it a hard trance makeover.also i’ve posted the original for comparison ,let me know what you think i’d really like some feedback

cheers !..


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Grrrrreeeat effort man !

Really liking the nice use panning dude,really good are you still having probes wit low end ? it could be my phones (broke my mix ones )again , the kick from here sounds great on its own but goe’s and hides behind the rest of the tune when its all playing .

but like i said im using crap headphones atm :slight_smile:

Creativley your gonna be flying soon m8 really well done :cool:

egg…it was the top end i had bother with last time -being too high now i think the bottom end is too loud/deep thus hiding the beat but it doesn’t sound too bad on the krk’s at full volume though …on to the next one ,big thanks as ever for your replys/advice man :wink:


Really good effort for your 2nd track - agree the low end is a little thick but I am sure you could work something out

great effort for your 2nd attempt mate, agree with what the other guys said about the low end, but the melodies and arrangement work well and the sounds you’ve picked out are nice man. it’s always cool to put your stamp on a track, especially remixing a track you like :w00t:

good job

thanks very much for your feedback guys…:wink: