Second Trance Tune!

So, since i’ve signed up to the great and wonderful SA, and started posting on the forums here, I figured Its about time I got onto soundcloud and uploaded some of my own stuff.

Decided to start with this track, since I took quite a bit of inspiration from the HTSL Trance tutorial series on the site.

As an aside, if anyone could tell me how to imbed the soundcloud thing into this post that would be awesome!

No comments? :crying:

I would love to hear peoples opinions of the breakdown and sounds in particular, if you have any?

Or could anyone at least tell me how to embed the soundcloud flash thing? lol that’s still bugging me!

hey andy,

i think its a good track but i think you should put some chord progressions and maybe add a 2nd verse for extra movement. as fasr as embedding the soundcloud player, go to share on top of your track click it and copy the code that is given. then just paste it on your posts and you should be ready to go

Andy you have the basis for a good track there.

Your riff could perhaps do with some sort of melodic developement after the breakdown.

That could be new chords (or the same chords re-ordered) or an extension of the melodic line itself.

Another idea is to perhaps delay the onset of the main riff. For example you could strip a few notes out of it just to tease the listener until after the breakdown and then reveal the whole riff giving a sense of satisfaction and closure.

I think that would preferable than presenting whole riff in its entirety at the start where the listener is left wanting more.

Without further developement there’s something missing.

All things being equal good job.:cool:

[quote]tommyt (11/28/2009)[hr]hey andy,

as far as embedding the soundcloud player, go to share on top of your track click it …[/quote]

ohthatswhatthatbuttondoes:doze: Thanks lol >.>

i’ve begun work on expanding the chord progressions, been playing around on my guitar to figure a direction to go in. and i’ll be revamping the melody and its… (occurences?) throughout the track. i’ll EMBED! a second version a couple of days, but i’m pretty busy with work/overtime on tues/thurs/friday, and have first date with a lovely young lady later in the week! end result: won’t be on here much lol! I’ve also been editting my end-mix, cus, i dunno, i don’t normally produce trance and i’m not really happy with the levelling in latitude atm.