Seems impossible to run ANA V1.5


Anybody else finding it ridiculously difficult to run ANA 1.5?! Usually when you download something, an icon appears, you click the icon and the software opens. Not here!! Spent £49.99 and seem to have nothing to show for it! If anybody out there can tell me how to run it, I would love to hear from you! I’ve tried emailing customer support three times, but haven’t heard a peep.

Thanks in advance,


Double click to install… load logic… select plugin from plugin instrument menu.

Hey @mattreed89 - here is a step by step guide on installing ANA. I hope this helps.

For more help check out our support area on the site, we also have lots of vids on using ANA.

Seems so simple!!

Where’s the plugin instrument menu??


Thanks man! I’ve installed it, just can’t open/run it.


Honoured that one half of Agnelli & Nelson just wrote to me!!
Still love Hudson Street!!

lol, glad to have made someone’s day somewhere!!

So, open logic pro, create a software instrument channel, then go to that channel strip, Click open ‘instrument’ and navigate to ‘AU Instruments’ > Sonic Academy. ANA is in there.

Hope this helps


You have!

Thanks so much for that. Been struggling since yesterday!
Top man!