Semi Rigid Fiberglass Board

Does anyone know where the hell I can get hold of this stuff? I’ve visited two B&Q’s now and both don’t stock it, i’ve also tried a search and it’s not coming up with anything.

I’m trying to build bass traps, got all materials needed now except for the semi rigid fiberglass board!!

I was considering rockwool but apparently it’s much heavier and tends to crumble.

Dude, use rockwool. Trust me. I have read a few things on this. Just trap the rockwool.

B & Q have it as rocksilk… same stuff as far as i know.

comes in 1200 x 1600 slabs of 10

I built 4 absorbers 2 with 2 layers and 2 with 3 layers used that to cover them.

made basic frame with a bit of 30mm wood from B & Q they cut it all to size for free. wood glue and a staple gun… took about 2 hours to build 4 and cost £50

Wicked, cheers Phil :slight_smile:

WTF rockwool, that’s something you don’t want in your studio unless its 100% air tight sealed.

the only thing i’ll say is use B&Q rockwool if

A) you don’t mind putting your equipment at risk

B) you don’t putting your health at risk

C) you don’t wanna pay out for something better

As far as i know its safe… and ive had mine for about 6 months with no shedding or anything.

what would you recommend jon?

i just asked a friend he’s been doing this sort thing for a living for about 18 years now so when he get’s back to me i’ll let you know lol

the only reason i said what i had said is that not many good pro companies even recommend using rockwool in a house these days. from the second you cut it, it becomes a health risk only minor but still.

basically speaking what phil has said is correct, my friend has told me even though he wouldn’t recommend it to a client, using rockwool is about the best results you can get for home build. Getting the company to cut the rockwool is advised because they should have special cutting blades and will be able to cut the material with out damaging the end. He wouldn’t recommend cutting it at home with a saw or Stanley blade as this can cause the edge to become damaged and lead to loose fibers. after the wool has been cut be very careful not to smash it against anything. i was wrong to suggest putting it in bags, my friend laughed and said that this may cause them to reflect the sound. he has said that as a precaution you could use hairspray on the wool to hold any loose fibers in place. give them a good coating and leave to go off while you build the frames like phil mentioned and he also recommended covering them in the same material.

sorry that i corrected you phil, i use to work with rockwool all the time and it would be the last thing i would recommend anyone putting in their house lol

He’s also said that if he gets time over christmas he will do a complete write up about doing this sorta thing at home and the best ways to do it and products to us