Sending off tracks

If a label has an email address as the demo submission contact do they want you to send the full track as mp3 or send them a link to the track?

P.S. Some of the labels arent explaining how they would like it sent, this is why i ask!

Also do you send them a snippet or the entire track mastered? Im sure the chances are slim but hate for my tracks to get jacked. I do the poor mans copyright. (I dont do it all) hehe

Usually a link to an mp3 is fine and you can use something like yousendit to protect your material.

I’ve had a few track signed - I always send 320kpbs full track via a direct download link or some labels will have a soundcloud drop box

I think SoundCloud is the easiest way to do it – just upload and send the link. No attachment issues, etc. They can’t download it unless you want them to, if you’re paranoid.

I just started sending out submissions myself and if they do not express whether they want a link or an attachment then I send both. I just write a comment towards the bottom f the email stating that if they do not want to download the attahcment then they can go to the link.

Also, send a full track. They really don’t want snippets.

Good luck

no no, dont ever send a full track as an attachment. clogs the email server and 95% of the time it will be blocked.

always send a download link only.

I think sending a “demo” edit on sound cloud is the best way to send them… i think i did a video a while ago on it.

if you send the full track and they like it and start playing it out they might forget where it came from.

if you send a demo edit and they like it they have to respond back to get the full track which opens dialog.

Like I said before, they will tell you either on their site or their facebook page or wherever they are listed, how they want to recieve their files. It’s not really a mystery. I’ve only had one or two labels not list how they want their demo submissions.

If they want a full track then I don’t mind sending it. It’s not like I’m losing out on millions of dollars if they play it out. And if they do play it out and have the stupidity of not knowing where it came from, then I really don’t think I want them handling my business affairs anyway.

Everyone is different and you need to know what you are willing to live with. IMO I would love it if my track was stolen and played out all over the world by some big DJ or stolen by some record company to sell for millions, because in the end it will come out that it was your track (thats why you keep copies of what you send and also copyright) and the publicity from that would prime your next release to sell a crap load more than the couple hundred bucks you would have made from some no name label.

I just think it’s funny that everyone thinks their track is this big hit and must be safeguarded with their life. Isn’t the objective to get it out to the masses?