Sends for djing with multiple outputs in ableton


I have got ableton setup for djing with my apc running through my dj mixer. I want to have the sends running through all channels. Is there a work around where I can put the send output to multiple outs so I dont have to duplicate the send and then run it through both channels. I know running this through a third channel would fix the problem however in an ideal world I would like to run it through just 2 channels to match the variety of club setups I might find.



Try this:

You need to have a sound card with 4 outs (2 stereo). In prefrences - Audio - Output config enable 1&2 and 3&4

Then setup a new Audio track and in the Audio To box pull down and select Ex Out.

In the box below select 3/4 (master should be 1/2)

Now setup you channels. Set the Audio To bow to your new Audio out and the other leave as master.

If I’ve understood correctly (which somehow I doubt…hangover from hell) this should work:

  1. Create a separate audio channel
  2. In Audio from settings for that channel select the return channel (say A)
  3. Set Audio to setting to the output you want it to go too.
  4. Change the ‘monitor’ to IN

    The obvious problem with that is that you will get the send output on booth channels at the same time…

    Which makes it rather useless…

    So no. Duplication is the answer I think :wink:

thanks for your responses

theant, could you explain more please?

The audio channels are working with the mixer fine, it is the return tracks I’m having problems with (it has to be routed to an output, I’m not using master on my setup so it either has to be one stereo channel or the other, for simplicity I want to go to both).