Serato or Traktor?

Hey everyone,

I have heard mixed opinions, just wondered your take on it.

DJing digitally, what do you feel is best out of Traktor (now Scratch Pro 2 I Think) and Rane’s Serato Scratch Live?

Each must have their pros and cons. What’s your opinion just so I get the right one? :slight_smile:

Thank you

Having just looked at some vids on NI Twitch - which comes with Serato I feel leaning to that

I like Traktor Pro. I dunno.

Traktor for sure

I use, and love, Traktor. But I have never used serato, so I can’t say it is better.

exactly what ant said.

i have heard that serato is great for timecode control.

I use Traktor & X1 but, Serato with Ableton has been quite a positive curiosity for some time now for me… the fact that its embedded into Ableton & all the joy that brings, automation to say the least… very interesting stuff… then theres the hardware support for these two setups… this is another topic indeed… The X1 S4 support for Traktor or the Rain twitch support for Sarato… great food for thought… like i said, Im a Traktor user but … the other side of the fence seems really really cool… both need a look looking into…

Check out Serato and The Bridge !


I think Traktor is amazing, and I was going to switch to it last summer. BUT then The Bridge came out. There is NOTHING like it, its just incredible. The premise of using one program in the studio and that same exact program in a live environment is utter genius and makes your life a whole hell of a lot simplier and productive. Creativity is more likely to flow.

Just something to consider. Remember, I’m not trashing Traktor, I do love it.

Traktor all the way sun !! if you want only to Dj .

and is cheap too. i mean u buy the 2 audio from Native instruments and u get a Traktor LE. all for 100.00 us Bucks. but if you are a pro turntablist then u must have serato. I heard that the vinyl encoding is better than the Traktor coded Vinyl.

I use traktor. I thinks it’s great, it’s got everything I need. I never used serato. I don’t feel I need to try it as traktor is that good, but I dont use the timecode option just went with 4x decks and two x1s instead. The control x1s are superb.

I was a vinyl whore but you got to move with the times. Go digital even if you are a turntablist!!!

[quote]alinenunez (10/04/2011)[hr]…but if you are a pro turntablist then u must have serato. I heard that the vinyl encoding is better than the Traktor coded Vinyl.


That’s simply not true. In fact, Traktor has higher resolution on their timecoding, and will sound better, especially for slow platter movements.

I think one of the few advantages Serato has over Traktor is the video support. I have used both though, and they both work brilliantly. Come to think of it, Serato also has a better screen layout, with the wafeform of both tracks right next to each other.

What I like about Serato (or at least the look) is the waveforms beat - also since the last time I djed was over 15 years ago it seems to me more what I would be used too - I have had a go on Tracktor at my mates - seemed fine too just like the look at Serato more

I’ve never used Serato, but I have just had a look at the clips for the new version of Scratch due out (I think) and I like the look of the library management. It took me a while to get my workflow right with Traktor and it could probably due with better library handling, although now I am set up I wouldn’t change.

As for types of waveforms and placement, I don’t really care. I might be the only one that things this but I find the large waveform display a massive distraction. In fact I also find the phase meter and the current BPM distracting so I turn them off. I use Layouts so if I want to have them on I can do quickly.

EDIT: Oh also I use the contol vinyl with one X1 for hotcues and effects and it works perfectly.

This is how I layout Traktor 2 if anybody is interested:


I’m with the Traktor crowd. Got TSP 2 now and it’s awesome.

Try it! You can download a demo from NI website.

Itch 2,0


That’s interesting. I like the library handling, but, and I know it shouldn’t matter, I think the GUI is really ugly - it looks like I designed it.

I have friends that use both.

I prefer traktor. It just seemed easier to use. I notice the majority of DJs I know use it.

Since the last time I djed was with a couple of Dan sets and I would be ecsatic if I had eqs Serato’s lay out looks more familiar