Set output gain (main volume) to velocity parameters (in Ableton MIDI)


I just bought this amazing synth, and enjoying it fully… well, almost.
I searched the WWW for this, but can’t find a specific satisfying answer and is quite frustrating. The solution might be super simple. or I just can’t type the right question in Google.

When setting all volumes of the OSCs, filters, in ANA 2 to Velocity, it reacts pretty well to the velocity parameters in Ableton, however, I need the (main) gain output (or similar) set to the velocity pararmeters in the MIDI section of the Ableton, this seems to be not possible… or do I miss something here?

Could you please help since this is (almost) the only thing which is still in my way :blush:

Hey there @Sjoert

If you right click on each OSC Volume knob you’ll be able to assign them to Velocity, the main output volume isn’t assignable.

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Hi, thank you for your answer… I found this assignment already, is there any way the set the output volume somehow or will this be any modification in future?

Don’t know if there’s anything planned about this in the future, you can always post a request here on the forums since the dev team is checking it :wink:

You probably know this already, but what you can do inside Live is to expand the device ( using the left arrow ) , then click on “Configure” 'till it turns green and move ANA2 's GUI main Volume control, it will then be usable with automation inside Live but it’s just a main out volume control then, it won’t react to velocity. That said, combined with the previous options it could help to get control on the synth output.

Ok, I was afraid of that… thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

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You could assign a compressor to the last FX slot and assign the output of it?

Thanks Phil, I think there are a lot of ways to work-around.
But, when you have multiple key hits in a short period of time, can it ever be as delegate as a velocity for the volume?