hi peeps

anyone here into share trading? i got a little tip that a company called XEL will be having a news release on monday morning regarding the flow rates of the heavy oil theyre sucking up out of the north sea. you should be able to double your money next week or make slightly more if you keep hold of the shares til early next year.

its just a TIP! dont go buying any cos ive mentioned it, have a look at it yourself and make your own judgement! ive put a couple of grand in and hope that itll double, but this is money im willing to “loose”. remember dont play with what youre not happy with losing!!

anyway good luck if you decided to get involved

if it all goes to plan ill be buying some new monitors and a pre amp with my “winnings”! :smiley:

heres a forum discussing the share

Wish i had a couple of grand i didn’t mind losing :ermm:

well you need to get yourself a part time job like me. i can handle atleast 10 clients in one evening without having to have a sit down (cos after 10 clients i cant sit down anyway…) :wink:

Yeah I had one until the other day, they couldn’t afford to keep me on :frowning:

Sucks hard, especially before xmas!

I’ll share my wife and kids with ya for a small price!

[quote]Roben (11/12/2010)[hr]Sucks hard, especially before xmas![/quote]

if you had done that then they might not have dumped ya?



Maybe its just me… but I think that shares arent for the faint hearted. Know quite a few people at different points who have got seriously burned. Not wiped out house & home-type burned… but the value of the shares themselves are now worth fk all.

Seems to be 2 kinds of shares in my experience - The ones that you buy & they dont really go up or down. The other sort are the ones that bomb. My Mate had some in the banks here… and they’re worth pennies now. Bought them for about 4 quid each at the time. The Banks are being nationalised now, so that money will never have a chance to grow again. They’ll probably be bought off him for .025cent each or something.

Doing spreads is probably going to be a much different experience - but I think its a  steaming pile of sh!t at the moment. All joking aside - JP, you’re actually right… the only money out there to be made at the moment is relating to providing a service of some kind. Hairdressers, Undertakers & Cockroaches will all survive after the Apocolypse. Then the Cockroaches will eat the Undertakers & Hairdressers.

My advice. Go back to College. Become a Cockroach :slight_smile:

on a similar note ive got 100 quid on that little skank cher on the x factor! she better not go out in a min! but i think she will…


well, im heavy into the market. pm me if you want some tips.

tips? who me? im coolio. im charlie murphy of the market. thanks for the offer tho…

thought id let you guys know that the shares boomed today as i said. i made a £1,500 profit. i aint sold yet cos theyve still got a long way to go up. they found 3 times as much oil as they were expecting… woooooo :smiley:

so… a new mic… pre amp… loads of sample cds… ermmmm wat else… hmmm hmmm lol

Pleased fo ryou mate :slight_smile: