SHM & Deborah Cox - Leave The World Behind

Hi everyone. Just thought I’d share this to see what sortof feedback/suggestions you’d have for it. Not my normal sortof style. It actually started off as a bootleg with a trance track but I somehow ended up with this. I’ve still gotta finish the bootleg :smiley:

Lots of different stuff used with this. Most of the arranging done in Live. Some Live Operator in there as well. RP Predator on bass (with processing done later in Record). Uhe Zebra doing the arp. TC30 reverb on it. The drums a combination of an Apple loop and Ultrabeat kits. Piano was EXS24 patches.Everything was brought into Logic9 with speed fades added and final mixing in there.

Any feedback welcome :slight_smile:

Leave The World Behind (Edward Ryan Mix) by Ed_Ryan

Cheeky bump. Surely someone listened to it :w00t:

hey ,

some cool ideas in it but, for me the hats are too loud and this melody which drops at 1:20 is

also too loud.

Basically, your elements are nice. Try to work on your mixdown and EQing.

keep up your work!




You’re the first person I’ve had feedback from that’s mentioned any mixdown issues. But I’ll bear it in mind. Can’t do anything about it now…this is the version that came back from mastering. It was done by a reputable company and engineer. He did it straight off and said there weren’t any issues with the mixdown to address before mastering. Just tonal work with RW rather then corrective and then the masters hoodoo-voodoo…getting it loud.

The mix down sounds fine to me.

The only problem with the track is that it needs more variation, it has a break but could do with 1 or two more mini breaks. Also the arpeg’d stab sound that you have going on throughout the track gets very tiring to the ears.

What I’d have maybe have done is before and after the breakdown to filter it completely down with a low pass filter, then build up the filter as the track is progressing letting more and more of the high end through. That way you have a feeling of progression and it keeps things more interesting.

Also i’d steer away from getting things mastered to be honest, wait till a label signs your track, they’ll master it for you.

It’s also best to keep putting up your track on forums like these so we can give you feedback, that way you can look to improve each time. :slight_smile:

I hope this has been helpful to you?

Hi Roben.

I did try cutting the arp out, but it didn’t work. I settled for filtering it into the background…so that when it hits the break and opens up…the reverb became more apparent. I guess I didn’t go down far enough for your liking :slight_smile:

I was happy enough with it to get it mastered. I’ll probably be the only person that plays it out. Just a personal take on a known track. I also sent it off as a learning exercise. Just to see how far away I am from being able to do it well myself. The answer is…pretty close. The EQ curve on the mastered version is very similar to the file I sent. They have cut the top end a bit more steeply. In terms on tonal difference, that brings the focus further down the range and it works well. I’ve snapsnot’d an analyser from Live to show it roughly. Not sample accurate shot…but you can see the difference. Oh and the curve of my home mastered version. Which was far too nasty at the top end. Last time I ever touch anything mixdown wise on headphones !

And also. A file with the original (unmastered) track, the paid master and my own version. I completely bodged my own master’s EQ. The track was better off before !

No meant I would have applied filtered automation to the actual arpeg sound, not just the reverb.