SHM Missing File

Hi, I am a new subscriber and am loving all the content here so far! Thanks for all the great work!

I have had some small trouble with The Swedish House Mafia als file. I have an error when opening saying there is a missing file: VEH2 FX - 008.wav

Just to clarify I have BBE Sonic Maximizer installed as well as Nexus and Sylenth1. Are any other VST needed?

Also, With ableton 7.0.1 it will give me missing file error but still open project but with 8.0 it will just crash :frowning:

Thanks again!



this particular sample is from the Vengeance House Pack and so we couldn’t bundle it together with this pack! if you have a sample pack you can find one that is similar and use the same techniques to import it into your project!