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Shook Synth Funk II

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Shook Synth Funk Vol 2 has arrived! Filled with over 800 Bass, Drums, Synths, Music loops, and Midi Loops, that are ready to add some analog synthesisers to funk up your productions!

Created by Shook, who’s music reaches around the world, and even into space when Astronaut Christina Koch performed “Always” in the International Space Station! An independent musician, producer and composer, Shook is inspired by timeless forces and originates from early 80’s synthesizer pop, disco, funk to anime and retro futuristic soundtracks. With official remixes for Ellie Goulding, Jamiroquai, Kimbra (just to name a few) and music featured on the TV Show ‘Better Call Saul’. You can be confident that Shook Synth Funk 2 is a top level pack.
Let’s chat to Jasper (AKA Shook) to take a deeper look at the production behind the pack and to dive into his creative world.

"The pack is pretty much a follow up from my album System. So the sample pack is definitely inspired by that album, which focuses more on electronic funk, space, based music.

The pack is also inspired by the synthesisers I use every day in my studio. In this pack I sampled a lot of my Polymoog 203A and Minimoog Model D. But there is also a lot of other stuff included. I made sure to add tons of drums too, samples I also use a lot in my own productions.

Along with Synth loops, midi files, kick drums, snare drums, hi-hats, processed drum loops, retro futuristic weird analog synthesiser effects, and Shook bass lines!
To make the pack I used some outboard effects, like the Roland Space Echo, my collection of effects pedals. All went straight to the pre-amp ASP880 from audient to record many of the sounds from my collection of synthesisers and drum machines. There are some Yamaha synths, some Sequential and a lot of Moog, I am especially happy with some of the sounds I recorded with the rare Polymoog 203A which is the highlight of the pack. I also like some of the drum loops I recorded a lot, using the Roland Space Echo, which explores more the space vibe with this pack.

I hope that pack will inspire musicians to start creating their own music. Use the samples as building blocks to create your own funky productions!