Short piano piece

I made this minute long piano piece. It’s very altered, filtered, warped and all that good stuff./PPA href="SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds" feedback is welcome, even if it is “**** you!” :smiley:

Hmmm Its extremely quiet, I can barely hear it…

I know i apologise, I’ll fix that soon enough :smiley:

As gpham said way too
Also, not sure if its intentional but something weird is going on with your piano. Has some weird glitching. Also youve used mostly the same notes throughout, no changes?br
Wouldnt really think of it as complete?br
I love ambient, when done right anyway, and would love to see more on these forums so keep it up!

It’s no where near complete. Not in the slightest./PPIt’s all glitchy because it’s actually a recording of my piano put through a plug in called permut 8 (dodgiest filter/delay ever). /PPYeah i know it’s quite, i’ll get around to doing some more with it and turning it up above everything else eh? :smiley: /PPCheers for le feedback :wink: