Should Sonic Academy start a music label?

Leave your remarks and let your vote be heard!

ill start off the voting!

Not a bad little idea.

Easy for me to say tho of course, as i’s not me setting it up!

I do not know anything about records labels, aside from what I read yesterday on here, but lets get it going. If they are willing to advertise for us, I’m down.

It’s real funny this was even brought up…

because I had thought it would be brilliant of them to set up this website and teach people how to make tunes, and if the students ever manage to start making some burners, sign them to the record label they themselves founded with their subscription fees!

I think you maybe suprised at just how many long term subscribers you get when they are being taught how to make tunes, by the very people who are wanting tunes to distribute.:cool:

Tutorials eventually wouldn’t be who’s sound do you want to emulate. They will be what the majority of submitted tracks are missing.

Hell, even if the SA crew aren’t interested in taking on the kind of extra work of running a label, they could always sign a handful of tracks at a time, and if they get some other tracks that are good, they could just recommend we submit to other labels because they are still probably good enough.

Plus, if I ever got a track/s signed and was getting some luv, I’d definitly would up SonicAcademy as where I learned to do what I did.

It would be cool if they could show us the ropes to starting our own labels.

[quote]djwoody714 (7/28/2009)[hr]It would be cool if they could show us the ropes to starting our own labels.[/quote]

I don’t know if I would want that hassle.

Well I’m not going to pretend to know the ins and outs of the buiness, but common sense tells me its very tik for tak.

I scratch your back; you scratch mine.

For Example:

  1. You make a track you believe to be rather crunk and for the sake of argument, lets say that it is.

  2. You submit to some chosen labels And/Or offer it to active dj’s as promos.

  3. You get signed And/Or spun there by receiving promotion as a trade for your work.

  4. You keep making tracks And should start performing - either by dj’ing with your tracks mixed in or if you have some other idea on how you would like to perform/present your music to the world.

  5. As an extension to #4, be active in the respective demographic you wish to associate yourself with, and thereby, your music. Your a “clubber” or a “raver” for example. If you have the time, you can be both. Networking is KING. I theorize endearing yourself to whatever “scene” is as, if not more important than simply the material that is your music.(<— This is entirely subjective, and thus can be shaped quite substantially by peoples impression of you.)

  6. Rinse and Repeat!

did you post this in the right section?

[quote]howiegroove (7/28/2009)[hr]did you post this in the right section?[/quote]

No, I meant to post it here as a reply to Sam’s post about them be willing to advertise for us.

Forgot to provide the context for my post.

Anyways, what I was sharing in regards to Sam’s post is that it is as much your responsibility to promote yourself.

By doing so you provide more value to your label and thus will be provided more in return, because you will be making yourself into a better investment.

And I find as value tends to compound - so does promotion - exponentially.

Of course I will be doing my part, but I would like to know what the record label can provide for me. If I didn’t care about that, I would just sign any of my hypothetical tracks to anyone.

Its just a general poll. Dont forget to vote…