Show us your studio

Ok this is so shameless - I just got my new MIDI keyboard so I figured now was a good time to start another one of these “show us yer studio threads”, so people can brag about who’s c*ck is the biggest. I’ll start:

Next step is acoustic treatment in my room and decent speaker stands. That an I’m going to make a little vocal area in my room to see if I can get me in some local singing talent.

Looking sweet dude. Can I ask, where did you get the furniture from? The desk :slight_smile:

Can’t seem to find something that fits the bill but they look great!

Desk is from The Brick in Canada ( It cost quite a bit but looks ace. It’s a pretty wank desk though. The wood veneer on it comes off if you shout at it, let alone knock it with something. I even pulled a bit off with some sticky tape by mistake the other day. Damn thing creaks too, but at least it looks sleek :slight_smile:

Cool, I do like it a lot :slight_smile: Just trying to keep my options open when buying something as I want something that is going to last and will look good for some years to come. Not just a 5 minute job.

Looks cool - and yeah the desks are nice

what mixer is that ?

Allen and Heath Zed 14. Not a fan of it really, although it’s handy to plug lots of things into. I just need lots of things now :slight_smile:

One awesome thing it does is allows you to use the send and return to push stuff to your PC. I often plug my electric guitar into one of the channels and pipe the output to Guitar Rig, put a bunch of effects on it and route it back to my board. Saves me buying a million different pedals etc.

this is me.

if I had to say 1 thing was the most crucial thing in my studio…

it would probably have to be the mandolin leaning against the wall.

check here mate: [url=][/url]

heres mine:

Hey Wayne it looks like you have some dead alien under your decks - wtf is it

?? where? I dont see anything?

do u mean the box of wires?

Ah thats it - I thought you were doing some wierd expeiments :smiley: