Shuffle in Ableton Live 8


Just can’t seem to get used to the new shuffle set up in Live 8. Can anyone help? I understand that I can now only extract a groove from another song? WTF?

Would reeeaallly appreciate the help.


What are you wanting to do: extract a groove or apply a groove?

The new groove engine in live8 is the best thing about it. Once you understand it you will love it.

If you like the way a certain song you like “feels”, you can import it into Ableton, right click or control click on a mac and hit extract groove. You can save this groove to the groove library.

Lets say you are making a new track and you want to check out different feels or swings, if you are in the clip section (the one where you would put the midi info or the waveform info) on the left there is a section where you can apply groove. I would suggest looping the clip and do hot swaps of the groove to see what you like best.

If you dont understand… tough!!! :smiley:


If you have problems, let me know and I’ll post some screenshots.

The first bit of this video on the Ableton site is quite helpful as far as it goes, if you haven’t already seen it:

Kreative Tools für Musikschaffende | Ableton

OK Thanks…

Think it can be a lot of fun, but on the other hand… the old way was working perfectly for me. Now I have to load a song in first, so I can extract the groove from it. Still, some pieces of music can be very busy, so I don’t want the to extract the complete groove.

Anyways, nothing to do about it. Will need to have to live with this :smiley:

Look around ableton’s site, I thought that is where I got all my grooves from.

When extracting a groove from a track with a loop set will it only extract the groove from the looped section?