Si Begg

Just discovered Si Begg today and, having looked at the enormous back catalogue of his work, have realised I’ve somehow bypassed what is obviously a hugely influential electronic artist. I was also unaware that his alter ego was Cabbageboy, whose album ‘Genetically Modified’ I’ve had on my ipod for years now!

Two questions:

  1. Are there any other ‘alter egos’ of Si Begg I should know about?
  2. Any tips for getting his glitchy but very full, clean sound? Particularly on Future Electronica’s ‘Chopping Beauty’?

    Cheers me hearties. :slight_smile:

nice !! i will check it out . always good to discover new music influences. especially the glitchy kind of music

Ah - thought I’d started a dead thread for a while! (Hence the delay in replying!)

I’ve got a couple of albums now by him and they’re excellent. As far as I can tell he started around 2003 and seems to have a phenomenal amount of stuff out in the form of albums, singles, eps, remixes etc. etc. I’ve since found out as well he goes under a bewildering amount of aliases - Bigfoot, Buckfunk 3000, Cabbageboy (as I posted above), Culture Crusher, Inevitable Technology and State of the Art to name but a few.

Owing to the relative quiet response to my first question above, I’ve got a feeling he’s someone who has passed quietly under the radar for many (including myself). If so, I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in electronic music. I’ve certainly found his stuff very inspiring - makes you want to be writing yourself when its on!