Sidechain Bitesize

Hey Phil,

Really enjoyed your Dance Music production for beginners using Cubase, it helped me out a lot and i actually surprisingly learnt more with that than i did in a whole year at Uni!! Plus it cost me nearly £3k cheaper! You rock!

Anyways I’ve just got hold of the recent Bitesize, brilliant idea! I was wondering if you’d be able to do either a bitesize for Sidechaining or including explination of Sidechaining in a Dance Music Producion for Intermediate using Cubase?

do you want the sidchaining in cubase sx3 or 4? cubase 4 has a built in system whereas sx3 its more difficult (but still possible).

Sidechain for SX3. I think i’ve seen that you’ve gone through this though in the Justice instructionals? I’m still yet though to get that one.

Which sidechain compressor program would you recommend? Or is that also mentioned in the video?