Sidechain Problems... what the..?

Hi everyone! :)br
I really hope that you guys can help me out here, since this is a really annoying
The problem is, that when ever i slap on a compressor and route it to my sidechain kick, it seems that the tempo of the one particular sound is thrown off beat?br
At first i just tried to fix it by fiddling around with the parameters of the compressor. that didn’t work. Then i checked if the sidechain kick was aligned - it
and when i bypass the compressor, the problem is still there - it is only fixed by completely removing the compressor from the mixer - then everything is back in tempo,
Also, i have only encountered this problem in this particular
What to do?!br
Note: Im working in Logic pro. with the standard
Also im using Ultrabeat’s default kick to trigger the sidechain. The kick has been turned into a click, by removing decay and release and then routed to a “no output”-channel.

I would try getting rid of Ultrabeat, and start by just using a audio file kick sample on a standard audio channel to trigger the sidechain
My hunch is that maybe something to do with Ultrabeat is causing some kind of glitch - i say this as Ultrabeat is notoriously over-complex and i noticed when i used to use it, that when you load up default patches and sounds they can be really complex with all sorts of settings tweaked - so maybe something about Ultrabeat is causing this
Try just a really simple kick sample instead.

Now i’ve tried the trick you gave
I just simply bounced my Kick from the track and used that sample instead of the
Unfortunately - the problem is still
But thank you for your quick reply and suggestion :slight_smile:

How far out is it? Sure you’ve for the attack setup correctly???

Alright… So now, after many hours of fiddling around, It has finally been done!br
I have sidechained it, and it’s in time!br
Now the thing is, I have no clue, what so ever to how the hell and what the hell i did to acheive it?br
But, the product sounds awesome… Still this thread now seems a bit irrelevant :Pbr
But none the less, thank you for your time, effort and help! I really do appreciate it!br

  • Mr. Joergensen.

i will try the lfotool plugin br