Hey, I am currently watching the Progressive Trance tutorial and Chris Agnelli says at a certain point that he recommends putting a single sidechain compressor on a bus and then sending everything that you want sidechained to that bus.

Is this a correct method of doing it? because I thought that based off each sound, the sidechain will be different, especially if they are different volumes/have different peaks?

I think in that vid hes like grouping all the Pads and atmospheres or a group of similar sounds.

Its just a bit easier to manage if you have 10 layers of pads.

The sidechain result should be pretty standard no matter what you are putting it on… adjusting the attack and decay is really just working on the kicks freqs to control the timing of the “pump” and should apply to anything you put the sidechain on.

AH ok, so sidechaining has more to do with the “sidechain kick” than with the sound being sidechained? now I think I get it, thanks Phil