So, I signed a couple of tracks with label.



and this


Be about six weeks till they’re available. Coolio.

More news as it happens

Nice one boyo :slight_smile:

well done, i really like the first track

out of interest, what were the terms of you getting the tracks signed?

The usual 50/50 split of revenue plus a pro rata on compilations. To be honest I doubt there’ll be much (or any) money in it. I’m more concerned about getting started with a label.

Hopefully these guys will be good. If not, being signed should help attract other label(s).

Delighted Mate! Fair play!!!


Proud of you, fo sho!:slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

congrats dude - Really liking both tracks, can you say what label you are signed too?

good work buddy

Grats!! :smiley:

good job man;)

that first track is beautiful jon.

really enjoyed it.