Signing a contract with an Electronic Signature!

hello SA family

i need some help in this small issue .i received some contract that require a Electronic Signature . now i did some research on the fact that you can purchase your Signature online , where actually helps you not get scammed in the way that the documents get encrypted and not get modified or changed later on .

i tried this site

they charge you 20 bucks per months , but does anyone knows if there is other way that would be free or cheaper? have anyone tried this? is this secure enough?

This may be off help concerning the legality and law

Adobe have a product I think too

thanks my friend ! ! that is really helpfull

Thats no problem - If you have any other queries you can always PM me as I deal with civil law alot in my day job and have contacts to ask regarding contracts

cool!! i will do PM you next time. thanks for helping :slight_smile: