Silent kick trigger for Sidechain effect in Ableton

Hello people how u doing ? sorry to bother you br
i saw in one of the videos i think it was Spektre tutorialbr
SC Trigger so i couldnt find anywhere in internet how to make this tricky effect in ableton if somebody is kindly enough to make one 3-4 min tutorials im sure a lot of people will be very thankful

It’s simple enough mate. There are loads of tutorials on YT that show you how to do it. Here’s the first one I
iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“YouTube” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen/iframebr
It does the job to teach you the basics. To ensure that your “kick” channel (that is triggering the sidechain effect) is silent eitherbr
(a) change the output on the channel from MASTER to SENDS ONLY orbr
(b) turn off the sound for the channel by clicking on the big yellow number (on that video it’s channel 1). That will make the sound output silent but it will still be able to trigger a sidechain on another channel. br
When you go to the Arrange page, make sure that you have clips for the silent kick channel all along the Arrangement timeline. Unless you wish to stop the effect for a bar or more.

thnx matebr
i think i asked about (b)br
otherwise i know how to sidechain i just want to know few details more about this technique when u switch off your channel so for example i have kick drum from my 909 its my channel 2br
do i have to export this kick in audio channel 1

Personally I set up a channel specifically for a silent kick / sidechain trigger. It’s in my Ableton user template so it automatically in any new set I create. br
The benefit to having a dedicated trigger channel is that it gives you the option to carry on having the sidechain effect occur even if you have no normal kick playing at the time.

yes exacly this is what i want to do :wink: i want to use different channel but i have problem when i put my channel in silent

sorry mate i cant get it best way is to see it my english is not very good i dont understand few thing my first channel doesnt show any signal from the compressor br