Simple Bass Patch

Hallo Guys and
Im fiddeling around with track of my own, and im trying to get that right bass sound to
And the sound im looking to “recreate” with some tweeks and twists is sort of the bass sound from Eric Prydz - Pjanoo or Florence Welch - Sat my name (Calvin Harris Remix)… The sound is very simple (i think?), but i just can get it right… :(br
Is there anyone here who can tell me how to do it?br
F.Y.I I work in Logic Pro and mainly use Sylenth or Massive… so if you have a massive or Sylenth tutorial that would be great. Thanks for your help :)br
Prydz- Pjanoobr

Florence - Say my name (Calvin Harris Remix)br

Probably it’s just some sawtooth (2 voices panned left and right) with a sine as a bass… a bit of filter envelope (lowpass), some distorsion and it’s done. What makes you crazy is probably the string section at the start, cause it’s mixed over the bass and it’s confusing… Write me a pm if you didn’t understood something :slight_smile:

Mate check out the How To Make Main Room House tutorial, they show the chords, bass and lead of Eric Prydz - Pjanoo!