Simple Delay in Live gone wrong?

hello, i don’t know whats wrong but whenever i put a simple delay (even at low feedback) on a sound it makes my melody start at around 1.2.3 insted of exactly on 1. this messes up everything as it makes everything off beat?

I also cant play a lot of chords at once which as pads… any suggestions why?

Isnt it 60.000 divided by bpm of your track that gives you exact delay ?

so 60.000 divided by a bpm of 140 is 4.28 miliseconds :slight_smile:

and its really really hot in portugal !

i got it sorted there, just downloaded a free delay vst and it works ok now! thanks though

cool dude glad its sorted … but if you need to work it out thats how its done dude :slight_smile:

Are you sure you didn’t have wet/dry turned to 100% wet?