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Hi Bryan,
great looking site - you da man!


Please bring back the seperate window for tutorials, being unable to resize the tutorial and have it side by side with my DAW is going to slow down my workflow big time. Often times I need to widen the video window to get a better look at what the instructor is doing (i.e. what bar # is he dropping a clip, etc…) Now I only have the option to have my entire browser open with video playing (annoying) or full screen (not conducive).

Also having numbered pages for your tutorials lists was way better than the super unbelievably annoying facebook/IG/Twitter styled “Load more” option. That means to go to older tutorials, I have to sit there loading more until I find the ones I’m looking for, if I leave the search page I have to start all over again. The numbered pages allowed me to keep track of where I was (I’m going through EVERY tutorial on your website, right now I am at the 2011 Mainroom House in Ableton Live tutorial).

You can still do a pop out window… It’s the button to the left under the video window

Perfect, thank you Phil, I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to do that anymore. Anyway to show numbered pages for the tutorial list?

will look at putting in a “load all” and an auto load - you can also use the search tag top right of that page to filter the results dynamically

a load all would be great, cheers Bryan.

Hi BigBoss,
Here a quick video with an overview of all the new features available on the site. The search is so good you most likely will stop using the page number very soon!
Thank for the feedback always good to get it.

Thanks Chris it looks good, I can see you guys put a lot of work into it and the way things are organized is very cool. If there could just be a way to just load every tutorial on the site instantly it would be useful for me and probably me only since I’m the weirdo actually going back that far into your old tutorials.

I like the speed of the new player, definitely happy to say good bye to the old glitchy one,



New site looks great guys. Very smooth and the search functionality is great. I can’t seem to find any of the old forum topics. Have they been archived or are the forums taking on a fresh start?

Keep up the awesome work guys! Loved Bjorns latest tut!


Hi N3OPHYTE99 - glad you like the new site

Yeah, all the old forum post will be across very soon!

you can use @chris_agnelli to tag people in the new forums - how very 21st century

Nifty new looking forum! Great work guys!

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Congrats on the new site, it’s great. Just a couple of comments.

  • If I set a favourite then move to a different video and come back again it’s no longer marked as a favourite.
  • How do I access my favourites list I can’t see an option for this anywhere!
  • I’m a gold subscriber and my promo codes and sounds are now empty in my account.
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The favourite button is to favourite the course - ill take a look now as to why that is resetting though

We’ll make that feature available soon - as well as a playlist feature so you can add videos and essentially create your own courses.

i’ll rectify this too this afternoon

apologies for all the wee bugs here and there - we are getting through them :slight_smile:

you can still do this… take another look…

looks great guys… well done.

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