Skinny Jeans - mdallasanta

The arrangement is not finished, Im gonna add some better buildups etc.

Tell me what you think about the MIX!

thanks in advance<3

When the kick gets back in at 2:38 I would definetely add some extra hats or other elements to give it just that extra little bit of power

sounds cool. I agreee with wd86, after 2:38 to put maybe some more percussions or something new that fits to the Track. i would do as well something else: I would take the lead/hook line out and instead of it some percs or fx and than build again up and in the end bring that hook again maybe a little changed (filter or some little difference in the notes) Becouse if the hook is playing without break the whole track after 2 and a half minute you get tired of it. But if you make a break with that and bring it in the end again you will be happy to hear it again. So far my opinion:)