Skrillex & Felguk 2night in New York City

Driving up to NYC with my roomate to visit my friends in THE city.

Skrillex & Felguk are gunna be ripping it at Webster Hall in NYC.

**** is about to pop off.

Can't wait for the work day to be over so I can be on my dubby way.

Have a good time Man.

lol will do. gunna drink my face off. mad excited cause i havnt been to the city in months.

Im going to see Skrillex on Thursday here in Orlando. Should be dope.

[quote]howiegroove (12/11/2010)[hr]Im going to see Skrillex on Thursday here in Orlando. Should be dope.[/quote]

yah im pretty psyched about it myself. gunna be nuts.

fo sho!

skrillex & felguk both ***** killed it on friday night.

hearing all of the new skrillex songs on a sick club sound system was insane.

Def will recommend to anybody going to check these guys out if you can see them live.

absolutely insanity. the liter of captain I drank made it even better! :smiley:

cant wait till thursday!

yeah man. if friday was any indication, you are gunna have a blast. dude is an excellent DJ.

On a side noteā€¦ I have been listening to Felguk a TON lately over the past few months and they were absolutely fantastic on friday. blew the roof off at webster hall.


this was how felguk opened it up.

i just wish they played this track. my night would have been complete.