Sliding kind of sub-bass

In many of Dannic’s tracks he has this kind of sliding, deep bass. You can hear it in this track @ 2:00:

[url]Dannic - W.O.P. (Riverdance Festival Anthem 2012) OUT NOW - YouTube

It’s probably easy to recreate, but I can’t really get that “sliding” sound. Could someone help me? :slight_smile:

And a little more general question. In tracks like the one above, where the drop is pretty ‘minimal’ with only a bass, kick, and lead sound - How can it still have so much energy? When I try it sounds weak and lacks energy. Are they using boomy 808 kicks or what’s the thing? Question is a little unclear, but any guidance would be appreciated! :smiley:

Shameless self bump.

check out the bass tutorials from advanced minimal techno.

Thanks Phil!

I’ll check it out!