(slow attack) How do I move the first node for the Sub OSC horizontally?

Nevermind, I figured out how to make the attack slower. The release time is still pretty short compared to MicroTonic from Sonic Charge. Kick 2 only gives the user 3000 ms while Microtonic gives the user 10,000 ms. It would be nice if Sonic Academy could extend the release time.

Adjusting attack & moving the 1st node horizontally is done from the AMP section ( not PITCH ) :wink:

The length goes from 50ms to 3000ms and is common to both pitch and amp curves and those values where chosen with kick sounds design in mind. You’ll already get some long 808 style kick and sub with a length set at 3000ms. Kick sound with a long body and tail are often causing phasing issue in mixes, and well it’s a kick sound designer, not a synth :wink:

Not sure there’s any plan to update this, 1 for the above reason, 2 because there’s a KICK 3 in the making at the moment.

Might be something for KICK 3 tho, don’t know, but the developers are reading the forums :sunglasses:

Yes ; ) I figured out how to move the line up and down which alters the attack state decently, not quite as slow as it can be configured in MicroTonic, but good enough.

Copy that. 3000 ms is ok, but for reeeeeeally long “booms”, 10,000 ms is necessary. If it’s a CPU processing power issue then I understand, but if not… I don’t see the reason for not allowing the user to decide if they want, big, flabby, sloppy 808s and 909s. : DDD I hear ya on it not being a synth… but again, let the user decide, yeah ; ) there are no rules in sound production when it comes to being creative and I’m sure you’d agree with that deep down. Respect for what y’all are aiming for with regard to your project though.

Oooooooh, I juuuuuuust discovered this plugin a few months ago, have had it on my want list since then, and with Black Friday, juuuuust bought it, and have fallen in love with it. I picked up the bundle and WOW, there’s SO much to do with it - am in loooooooove. Combined with MicroTonic from Sonic Charge and Drum Computer from Sugar Bytes, I’ve been coming up with some wicked stuff. I would definitely support KICK 3 if/when it is released.

Thank you for the prompt and solid customer service/support!

Chris Robbins

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